Massage NON Registered

$60.00 for 1 hour massage not covered by extended health.

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Andrew Wong is a recent Graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy. He just finished his Board Exams at the end of September 2018. While he awaits his results, he wants to keep up his manual therapy skills.

Andrew has a great passion for sports, specifically hockey and soccer. He likes to keep active and is currently playing in a rec dodgeball league (VDL). He also attended Simon Fraser University, majoring in Sciences with a background in Kinesiology and Health Sciences.

Andrew likes to apply deep tissue massage and active stretching in his treatments, and loves to focus on treating low back pain and shoulder and neck pain.

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Sally is a recent graduate from Langara College and will be writing her board exams soon. She plans on furthering her education in visceral manipulation and cranial sacral therapy. When she isn’t studying for her exams, she likes to dapple in activities that help maintain her health and stay in functional shape if not better. She likes to ride her bike, go for walks, hike, learn to make a new (though simple) meal, throw a disc with friends, go to the gym, mix up some oils to make handcream, read fiction, and listen to music. She will also admit spending time in front of a screen periodically. Using skills and knowledge that Sally has learned during her massage therapy program, she can help you return to performing your activities of daily living, relieve tension in your body, and/or to help you with overall relaxation.

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Janet’s interest in massage started in 2004, the same time she was starting her career as a pharmacist.. She first completed her Spa Massage Bodyworker from Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage in 2015 but continued to pursue Massage Therapy as a second career and completed the Massage Therapy Program at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2018. Once she passes her board exams In April 2019 she will become a Registered Massage Therapist.. Her goal for her clients is to improve their health, and quality of life.

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** Currently off studying for board exams in March 2019 to become a RMT

Alona Besan is recent Graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She will be writing her Board exams at the end of September 2018 but in the mean time she wants to keep her massage skills up working as a non-registered therapist.

She is ready to treat and help you recover from pain or injury or just simply relax.

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** Currently off studying for board exams in March 2019 to become a RMT

Kevin Kim is a recent graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT). He wrote the board exam at end of September 2018 and will be Registered in 2019.

He is dedicated to improving his knowledge and clinical applications working as a Non-Registered Therapist until he is Registered.

Kevin has a great passion for sports and has played soccer competitively for most of his life. He has also attended the University of British Columbia, majoring in Biology. Therefore, he has a great interest in the kinesiology and the anatomy of the human body.

Kevin specializes in treating neck pain, back pain, and tension headaches. However, this does not limit him from treating other parts of the body as he is able to use his knowledge and create a treatment plan accordingly. You can book a massage with Kevin and leave feeling great again for $60/hour (not covered under extended health plans).