Massage NON Registered


$60.00 for 1 hour massage not covered by extended health.

IMPORTANT: Treatments by Hannah and Megan are NOT covered by insurance. Hannah has successfully graduated from her massage therapy college and just wrote the B.C. Provincial Board Exams. The purpose of having bodoy workers is to teach new graduates real world skills on how true collaborative healthcare works by giving them an understanding of other healthcare professions and how working together can enhance optimal patient outcomes.

Megan Thom

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Megan Thom is a current student at WCCMT finishing her RMT diploma. Before returning to school for massage, Megan had been in the Health and Wellness industry for almost 10 years. She spent many years working as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant, helping clients attain a new level of fitness. Her background started with competing in bodybuilding shows and training similar clientele, however after overcoming her own injuries and limitations her view towards health and fitness took a much more holistic approach. Megan still enjoys working with athletes and injuries, however she loves to help patients who suffer chronic stress and fatigue. She often incorporates breath work into her treatments in order to help manage the symptoms of stress. Megan believes it is important to educate and empower her patients to become curious about their own health and daily habits, as a way to propel them forward with the maintenance of their health and recovery.

Hannah Worth

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Hannah Worth is passionate about aiding people in their pursuit of health and wellness. She can provide relaxation massage with a focus on achieving patient directed goals. Hannah has written her Provincial Board Exams and will receive her results by the end of April to become an RMT.