Myths & Facts About Back Pain

80% of people experiencing back pain/problems at some point in their life.

Here are some myths and facts about back pain, we have added back care tips that can help prevent future problems.

Back Facts

Knowing what to do when you have back pain is important. A sedentary lifestyle, as well as injuries, arthritic changes and aging can all lead to future problems. What to do when if you have back pain? Have regular maintenance appointments with our Chiropractor Dr. Kalsi and practise self-care.

MYTH: Rest is a great treatment for back pain.

FACT: Bed rest may worsen your back pain unless it is so debilitating that you cannot move. See our chiropractor about chronic or new back pain and if debilitating take a visit to the Emergency room.

MYTH: Applying Heat for a sore back.

FACT: Heat may actually increase back pain by causing more swelling of the joint and muscles and ligaments. Ice gel packs on a sore back is recommended for the first 3 days of pain. We sell them at our  New West Wellness Centre office. If you don’t have a gel pack then a bag of frozen vegetables, or ice in a dampened towel. Limit cold pack treatments to maximum of 15 minutes/per hour, and always place a damp towel or cloth between the sore area and the ice, unless the pack is covered in material of some sort.

MYTH: Pain is the proof that something is not right.

FACT: Pain in your back is telling you something is wrong, especially if the pain is long term and/or stops you from doing normal daily activities. But You may not always feel pain in your back when there is a problem so be aware of limited movement or discomfort in your arms, legs and shoulders which could also indicate that something is going on with your back.


FACT: Good posture and a properly aligned spine, can help prevent back and neck pain. Exercise to help keep your back fit and healthy too. Stretching helps keep your muscles loose while core exercises (involving balance, Pilates, yoga, stability ball) will help to strengthen your back.