6 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk To Prevent Neck Pain And Back Pain

1. Neck Rolls:

Start with right ear to right shoulder then reaching the chin to the chest and then over to left ear to left shoulder and back, repeat 10 times slowly.

2. Shoulder Shrug:

Inhale the shoulders up to the ears, hold for shoulders and breath for 10 seconds, slowly exhale while releasing the shoulders down, repeat 5 times.

3. Elbow Circles:

Extend the arms out to the side then place the hands on the shoulders, bring the elbows together in front of the body. Slowly circle the elbows back over the head making a circle and the elbows will meet again in front of the body, repeat 5-10 times then circle opposite direction, repeat 5-10 times.

4. Wrist Release:

Standing, place both palms on the desk starting with the shoulders over the wrists for all positions. Slowly flip the palms face-up and fingers pointed towards the body and shift the shoulders back from over the wrists to over the fingers as far as possible with out Discomfort.

Do not let hands come off the table for 2-3 breathes then meet back with shoulders over the wrists. Repeat the exercise with the palms face-down and the fingers pointed towards the body.

5. Side bending

Sit in a chair with feet flat, with a straight spine, extend both arms above your head. Slowly release the right arm towards the ground.

Allow the left hand to reach over the head towards the right side. Hold for 2-3 breathes and switch sides, repeat as many times as is comfortable.

6. Forward Fold with Bent Legs:

Sit straight up in a chair with feet flat, curl the chin gently into the chest and roll down with the spine as far as possible.

If chest reaches the thighs, allow the arms to be heavy and hang in front or behind the lower leg to stretch the upper back. most Starting at the tailbone Slowly roll up one vertebra at a time until the head is the last thing to lift.