Marco Mezzacapo

Registered Massage Therapist

Marco graduate from Vancouver Career College to become an amazing Registered Massage Therapist. He likes to bring an empathetic approach to manual therapy. He believes each person is their own unique self, and treatment plans should be centered around each patient and focused on helping the patient reach their goals.

If you are an athlete looking to relieve soreness from training, or a suffering from soft tissue injuries from a motor vehicle accident or someone looking to reduce the stress and tension of everyday life, Marco believes he’s got the hands needed to help you.

In Treatments Marco includes: Swedish massage techniques, myofascial and trigger point therapy, and various types of stretches such as ‘PNF stretching’ to assist with increasing the movement of restricted joints. Marco also utilizes deep pressure to get at those annoying pains which seem like they just won’t go away.

Outside of work, Marco enjoys astronomy, MMA and watching food travel documentaries about places he hopes to explore one day.