COVID-19 Message

Until the Covid-19 pandemic is over the following will be our “new normal”:

  1. Pre-screen COVID-19 questions will be emailed to you prior to each appointment.
  2. Bring your own mask or we can provide you one for $2.24 or cloth reusable for $10.50.
  3. Front door will be locked. Come alone as you will be let into the office when it is your appointment time. Please come empty handed, meaning the less you bring in or wear (ex.coat, purse, hat) the better for all of us.
  4. Physical distancing will be in place and staggered appointments to keep all within our safe zone.
  5. Payments will ONLY be done Visa or Mastercard through your online Jane Profile. Please make sure it’s added to your file or call ahead to have it added.
  6. We have enhanced our sanitization/ disinfection protocols with Covid-19 rated cleaning products. All contact surfaces will be cleaned after use.